Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 Things Tuesday: Educational Randomness

1. I love that Jeanne is in my classroom teaching the endocrine system to her 11th and 12th students using The Magic Schoolbus!

2. Don’t complain to me that your classmates don’t listen to you if you choose to sit separate from them during group activities and offer petulant commentary. If you want them to treat you as an involved member of the class, you must play the part of one. We all get back from people exactly what we project.

3. No, we cannot have class outside. Yes, I know it’s a beautiful day. Yes, I will listen to you explain why we should have class outside. No, it will not change the fact that we won’t. Yes, someday we will get to have class outside. No, that day will not happen tomorrow, or this week, or next week. Yes, you will, too, live long enough to see such a glorious event.

4. I have a list of several resources to contact about the Dominican Republic project. The email requests will get written tomorrow during my prep period. I’ll admit that I haven’t written a letter of this type for nearly 10 years. I’m a little out of practice.

5. Who knew Wheel of Fortune could be so competitive? That what comes from offering food as prizes to high schoolers.

6. To go from the alphabet to the indefinite antecedents in the subjunctive mood in Spanish--in 30 seconds--actually made my brain hurt.

7. My lunch of choice this week is salad (no dressing) with two slices of honey ham. Simple, low in bad stuff, high in good stuff and really quite tasty!
“I want you to know how irritated I am that I’m getting, like, everything in this class right now.” (Sarah, who admitted recently to her quickly changing opinion of foreign languages.)

8. On one side of me, the African drumming group is practicing. On the other, the salsa rueda class. Such is the cacophony that is my professional world.

9. How many times do I have to tell you? It is not appropriate to tell those jokes.

10. I just got approved to buy a Smartboard®! Time to go shopping…

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