Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Delicate Balance

I’m getting up at 5:15 every morning to train, in an effort to simultaneously take off 15 lbs of winter weight (and lose another 10+ of pre-existing chub), as well as get myself ready for my first triathlon in May/June. I’m also trying to spend time weight training every evening to actually make something of my core muscles which, for many years, could best be described only as gelatinous. At the same time, I’m trying to carefully change the content of my meals, which means I’m eating lighter. Add to this the standard cornucopia of things that fill my day, and I’m destined to hit a wall every so often.

Such a wall was hit yesterday. I came home from my long day at school completely exhausted so, after dinner I went to “touch bottom” (my euphemism for taking a short nap to recharge my batteries). Often, this does the trick and I’m able to work after the girls go to bed. No such luck last night. My body was completely incapable of responding to the persistent urges of my brain to go upstairs and get my workout in. I managed to read the last of my book before I was compelled to go back into the bedroom--for good, this time.

I think I do a pretty good job overall balancing diet, stress and exercise, but it is a real challenge to remember the basic habits that make it possible. I’ve been doing well at getting up when I’m supposed to in the morning, but staying up late to get grading done is becoming impossible so I have to stay on top of my work while I’m at school. I’m supposed to remember to drink lots of water (aren’t we all) and I’ve been doing that lately, but in the middle of all the distractions in my day it is very easy to forget that my water is sitting there. Hell, I often have to schedule my trips to the potty an hour ahead! I bring good food to eat during the day when I’m at school but, like the water, it’s easy to forget it’s there until I’m so hungry I start to feel sluggish. I have to remind myself to eat every so often, and to time a snack just right in the afternoon to avoid feeling so hungry by dinnertime that I am tempted to overeat. Finally, I have to keep an eye on my workouts. If I exhaust myself during the last few days of workouts, I can predict that I’m going to need to dial back for a day or two to allow my body to recover.

When things are balanced well, I am the very definition of citius, altius, fortius, but it’s a lot to keep in my brain. Some days are more successful than others. The thing is, though, it’s about the long-term goal. Every day is a new chance to move forward. Here’s to moving forward tomorrow!

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the passionate hairdresser said...

At least you're trying...I haven't even gotten that far yet!! feet are getting itchy to start walking again....hmmmmm....I've got at least 40 pounds to lose...a daunting task when my attention span doesn't last for the 40 pounds worth of work!!