Monday, February 8, 2010

Wayfarer House, Domestic Edition

It was a quiet day at home for us (except for Karla, who went out to see Avatar in OMG3D). Even a quiet day, however, has its share of things going on. Observe:

Wifeness made scones for breakfast. She really does make the awesomest scones!

I talked to my dad for an hour about an at-risk program for local students he wants to start. It’s very ambitious, and he’s working a little over his head pedagogically so I’m lending as much assistance as I can.

Wifeness did the grocery shopping.

The kids did homemade valentines for the kids in their classes. Wifeness helped them with the stamps and ribbon, and cut the cards. The girls decorated them and addressed them (the school conveniently provides them a list to ensure each child can receive one)

I folded 6--no kidding, SIX--baskets of laundry.

The kids put their portion of the laundry away. I do my best to sort it when I fold it, but I honestly have no idea who gets which underwear, so there’s always so shifting of piles.

I turned the kitchen around--dishes come out of the dishwasher, dishes go away, dishes go in the dishwasher, everything gets washed down and dried, kitchen equipment gets put back, other piles get moved around as necessary.

Wifeness tried to get some office work done. I have no idea if she was successful.

We undressed Theo (the resident house tree) of his holiday lights and ornaments. Yes, I know it's February.

We watched the Super Bowl. Congratulations, New Orleans! Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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the passionate hairdresser said...

Yummmmm...scones.....Wow..your dad is busy!! Must do grocery shopping myself, thank goodness we don't do valentines any longer! Laundry is a never ending, vicious is cleaning the kitchen! Hopefully rearranging the living room today, as plans have changed, AGAIN!! :)