Sunday, February 7, 2010

“No, you may not name the new fish ‘Ashface’.”

The title of today’s post, a response from Wifeness to SiSi’s proposal of moniker, easily tops the list of most interesting and entertaining quotes heard during the week in my world. Here are some others:

“It’s called ‘con-thingy!’” (in response to a question about conjugation.)

“I am a ninja, in case you haven't noticed. But of course you haven't noticed because I’m VERY good at being a ninja. YOU CAN'T SEE ME!”

“Can I go take a walk outside and study my vocab?” (by one of my students on Tuesday, when the wind chill was somewhere near 0°F.)

“I WON!” (heard by an upset winner in Friday’s first round of PVPA’s Magic® tournament.)

“Two.” (the answer to an inquiry about the number of brownies NiNi had already eaten before I noticed that she was reaching for one--with chocolate on her face.)

“It comes with handles!” (The expression of excitement from a colleague who discovered recently that Johnny Walker comes in a very large container.)

“Yeah! First, I'll give them the super stink eye until they freeze with fear and quake in their boots!! Then I'll kick them in the stomach so they can't hold their rum!! Then I'll rig up a booby trap so that when I kick the pirates into it they'll overturn more barrels of rum that will fall into their mouths!! Then when they are so drunk they can't think straight I'll make them stare at the ocean until they get seasick (we are on a boat, right?). Then I'll send them to Alcoholics Anonymous and make them repeat ‘just say no’ until they cure their addiction and make them wish they never tried to steal my mac and cheese and fudge!” (A commentary on the possibility that pirates might try to steal Joanna’s food, and how she might prevent such an occurrence.)

“hablabablabablabla.” (a student enjoying the linguistic diversion of the word “hablaba” in Spanish.)

“I have nothing to say.” (The statement of a member of my school’s board of trustees, after one of the 30 people in the audience rebuked him politely but publicly for his heavy-handed treatment of one of the student representatives during last month’s meeting.)

“---” (The response of my class when I asked them to pronounce the verb ending “-ent” during French class. They were correct.)

“Hello. This is [8-year old child]. Please hold for my mom…” (the beginning of a phone conversation about an upcoming sleepover.)

“I’ve figured out that basically it doesn’t matter what question they ask me (on the MCAS test), I can write my response using Harry Potter.”

“I am NOT being eaten by bitterness, thank you very much. But you know what else is sort of bitter? Dark chocolate... just saying.” (From a student who feels that I put Spanish higher on the priority list that French, but whose opinions on the subject can apparently be bought.)

“That's seriously YOUR leg??” (My own expression of disbelief at seeing the following photograph on the Facebook of one of my alumnae.)

Happy Sunday, everyone!


the passionate hairdresser said...

Oh, my goodness!! What an interesting week you've had!! :)

Mrs. Chili said...

Heh. This:

"“It comes with handles!” (The expression of excitement from a colleague who discovered recently that Johnny Walker comes in a very large container.)"

led me straight to "it comes in PINTS?!" from LOTR. Yep. Just keep 'em comin'...