Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Abe Vigoda is ALIVE!

No, really!! He’s been sighted.

There’s a long-running joke running around Wayfarer House about Abe Vigoda. Years ago, someone pointed us toward [THIS SITE], and we were all like, “Really?? He’s alive??” So, every so often we would check it and, sure enough, it says the same thing.

Abe Vigoda is [[ALIVE]]. (reload page for update)

I just love the up-to-the-second nature of that last bit!

Anyway, we at Wayfarer House have taken the site at its word, but we’ve often wondered just where he’s gone. After all, he’s 90 years old this year and he doesn’t get out all that much. Given that, we were simply giddy with excitement to see him during the Super Bowl in [THIS AD]! And as a bonus, we were treated to Betty White telling someone, “That’s not what your girlfriend said!” Easily the best of the Super Bowl commercials!

Good to see you, Abe! Don’t stay away too long.


Kizz said...

The best way to keep track of Abe is to stay on top of the Friars' Roasts. He's a staple at those.

Mrs. Chili said...

Heh. You turned me on to the fact that Mr. Vigoda is still alive; I had assumed he'd died YEARS ago...