Monday, November 24, 2008

10 Things Monday (because I have 10 things today, and I may not tomorrow)

1. If it is Jewish tradition to close businesses on Saturday and Christian tradition to close them on Sunday, whose tradition is it to close business on Monday? Apparently, there is a cult of these followers where I live and they all own businesses here or work for in municipal government. To those of us who don’t have any such traditions, it sure is a pain in the ass.

2. My car is once again a car, and not a locker room. It took over an hour to clean all the soccer clothing, gear and detritus out of it, but I can once again see the floorboards. Great! Just in time to travel to the Matriarch for Thanksgiving.

3. Two of my students will be twirling batons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. I don’t watch parades normally, but I’m going to be glued to the set between 10:00 and 10:30 (they’re on right after the smurfs). If you watch the parade, tell me if you see them. They’re awesome, they’ve worked really hard and this is an incredible experience for them!

4. The snowblower is being tended to, in expectation of a cold, brutal winter season. I take it to a small shop near where Wifeness works. They are not the most personable of people (the dog is the friendliest one there), but they’ll fix it up for less than a Benjamin and not try to sell me shit I don’t need.

5. Pushing Daisies has been cancelled. This saddens us at Wayfarer House. My Own Worst Enemy has also been cancelled. This does not.

6. The Great Clothes Switch has been completed for the winter. I now have all my comfy wool sweaters and long sleeve mock turtlenecks available. This is good, except that they’re all just a little big now. I may have to work in some wardrobe shopping over the holidays.

7. I ran 5k on Sunday and did pretty well on the time. I went swimming this morning, and my arms are sore. I wonder how tomorrow’s biking will go.

7b. I do not bike outside after mid-October. I have my road bike set up on a trainer in my attic office. It’s cold up there (the room isn’t heated), but once I warm up it’s nice. I bring my laptop up and watch instant Netflix movies on them while I pedal. It breaks up the monotony of the routine, so I can ride a lot longer.

8. Karla makes really good bread! It’s been a while since she’s made it because she’s been nursing a wrist injury and couldn’t knead the dough (rugby is a dangerous sport). Several of her loaves are cooling on the island in the kitchen now. They smell heavenly!

9. It is refreshing when a DSS case review shows that a child is doing well, despite paperwork that suggests a long history rife with conflict and abuse. They do not always go so well.

10. I have laundry to do before we leave for the Matriarch. I cannot believe how much of it there is, considering I was caught up on it on Saturday. Who’s wearing all these damned clothes, anyway?!?


Kizz said...

I knew about PD, I did not know about MOWE. Thanks for the heads up.

It's colder so more clothes per person.

Mrs. Chili said...

I, too, didn't know about the canceled shows. We've been TiVoing both of them, but because Mr. Chili's been gone for a substantial amount of the past month, we're way behind. Maybe we'll catch up today.

TELL me about the frickin laundry. GAH!

Mrs. Chili said...

Oh, and tell Karla that the Kitchen Aid makes GREAT bread. Of course, machine-kneaded dough isn't quite the same, but it'll do while the wrist heals...

Laurie B said...

Hey MrWayfarer,

Laurie here. Can you pass a note to Auntie Fran that I can't leave a comment on her site and am asking her to call or email me. Something is awry and I'd like to be in touch with her. Thanks for being the conduit here. No fault on you, either way.

Wayfarer said...

Hi Laurie,

I'm sending her a note right now.

I'll post any reply she sends back.