Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Monday In-Box (on Tuesday, because the 10 Things post went out already)

[On an upcoming post]

You do know, don't you, that I'm totally gearing up for this conversation about marriage....

I’m really looking forward to a public discussion on this. I only beg your patience while I work to put my thoughts in order. I’m trying to put together a couple of big ideas (marriage, chosen family) into something I think makes sense, and it’s taking more time than I’d like. I promise, though, that once I’m ready, I’ll put it out there.

[On this year’s goals]

I did the 108 in 2008 list …though I doubt I'll do a 109 in '09 list for next year.

That just seems like such an ambitious list to me. Too much so for me to view it as achievable. I applaud you for even feeling like you came close! I prefer my list to be smaller, and filled with goals that have built into them long-term habits that can I can carry forward. One-time-only goals are wonderful, and really give a sense of accomplishment, but I find that they change in priority so fast that it’s hard to stay focused on more than a couple in a given year. Of the three my list, I only actually accomplished one. The other two just got pushed down in favor of other things that were just as important.

Who's Karla? Have I not been paying attention?

It was my only post during the entire month of August, but <[HERE] is the skinny on Karla up to that point.

UPDATE: Karla headed off to college, but shortly after the semester started she developed what we think is a recurrence of complications stemming from a strep infection that attacked her brain stem a couple of years ago. She came home in late September, and has been house bound since.

The first time, she was essentially bedridden for 6 months. We’re cautiously optimistic this attack will be shorter. There are lots of physical and mental complications with this condition, though, and Wifeness and I are approaching her recovery with great care and caution. Karla sleeps with my wife at night, to make sure that, if she has a seizure (or a panic attack), someone is there to help her get through it. Bedtime has been when we often download to each other and do planning for the next day, and not having that has made a lot of what we do more challenging.

Weight loss tops this list for me with a huge lofty goal I think I might announce to the internet simply so that my friends inside the computer can hold me to it.

I was so happy to see 179 lbs. after such a long time of being so much heavier. I felt stronger, better looking and totally empowered to keep the weight off** (even during the winter, which will be hard for me). I would love for everyone to feel that same way, and if I can help—in any way—I would be honored if you would ask.

**In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that I have put on 7 lbs since soccer season went into high gear in late September, but I expected this and I’ve already begun to take it back off again. I will be happy to be back to 180 when spring hits.

[On “hot people” posts]

Dear Kizz, I’d love a post with any of my past or current celebrity crushes (see a short list below)!. I’m still trying to figure out what these ladies all have in common, though. Any ideas?

Jessica Alba
Lauren Ambrose
Jennifer Aniston
Paula Creamer
Brea Grant
Anna Kournikova
Poppy Montgomery
Grace Park (from BSG)
Tara Reid
Catherine Zeta-Jones

I didn't mean that to sound like you are lazy, caffeine addicted, or stupid. You knew that, right?

(smiles) I do, and you’re very kind! I really appreciate those same kinds of connections.

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Kizz said...

I don't even know who two of those women ARE. I'll get on it, though. Probably this weekend since I'm pretty busy today and tomorrow.