Saturday, November 22, 2008

The other half of blogging...

Since I started PloBoNoMo, I’ve done a passable job of posting regularly. Certainly, it’s an improvement over my regular habit! But I’ve only done half the job, and I know it.

In any relationship, there is give and there is take. In blogging it is no different. So, today I will make a point of going out into the blogosphere to visit and comment on the efforts of others. Some of them are regulars (whose support I am incredibly grateful for), some of them are occasional visitors to my own blog (and who might be regulars if I do my part and reciprocate), but I made a point of reaching out to two blogs I’ve explored by have yet to contribute to. Here they are:

The Blue Door is one of Chili’s blogs (she has a bunch, and they seem to be multiplying like rabbits over there). Chili and I have known each other for a long time. It was she who actually inspired me to start blogging. She continues to inspire me by doing it every day, and by coming up with great ideas for posting themes like 10 Things Tuesday. I love that she uses her space to support frank and open discussions about important topics free from censure or ridicule.

117 Hudson is the land of Kizz. We’ve met each other in person, what, twice? Three times? We would have been buds in high school, though! She is an artist who acts, sings, writes does awesome photography and generally lives a life that I might have chosen, had I not been compelled to this path. She inspires my creative muse in all kinds of ways, and I love that she is able to pursue art while managing to live in the real world. The two, when they can exist in harmony, make for a satisfying, stimulating life, in my view.

The Grammar Snob and I seem to lead strangely similar lives. We have a lot of experiences in common (though not always in the same flavor): Grad school, recovery from major surgery, interesting adventures in the world of parenting, goals met and (as yet) unmet. Many of her victories and challenges have been my own, and I read her blog because it helps to see these things from a different--and enlightening—perspective.

Notes from the North Woods is Auntie Fran’s space. Wayfarer House has been blessed to have Fran in our world almost since we arrived in the Pioneer Valley, and I, particularly, am continually inspired to see her living what she would undoubtedly call her version of “right livelihood”. She’s come back home (sort of) and, although I still don’t get to see or talk to her as much as I’d like, I gain an incredible amount of comfort from reading that she is able to do her work and live her life, and they are pretty close to the same thing. Her experiences validate to me that the vision I have for a school is possible.

Then, of course, there’s my wife’s blog. I don’t actually need to read her blog to know what’s going on in her world, but it is interesting to see (as an insider) what she puts out there for public consumption. I have a vision of us collaborating on a blog next year as part of our work for the school we’re building. We both have stuff to do before that can happen: I have to get a real habit established, and we both need to slow the fuck down (pfft!).

I came across Dan’s blog Other People’s Kids and Yondalla’s blog Thoughts from a Foster Family while doing a search for blogs about the foster care experience earlier this year. I’ve read them off and on for a while, but I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m going to do that today. Their work has really opened my eyes to the importance of what we’re working on here at Wayfarer House.

ADDENDUM: I forgot to mention My Life in a Foster Care Space Warp among those foster care sites I've started reading again. Sorry Susan!

In writing this blog, I realized that my blogroll was horrifically out-of-date! Several of the blogs that I used to read have since died (insert moment of silence here). I’m also taking time today to tidy up that part of my space.

Happy Saturday!


Mrs. Chili said...

Thanks for the shout out. Is seems that my penchant for "frank and open discussions about important topics free from censure or ridicule" has gotten me in trouble (again), though. Sigh. Some people JUST DON"T F'ING GET IT!

Kizz said...

That's some nice company to be in, thanks for including me. Chili and I have written up some info for you about requesting a Hot People post if you're still interested. Mine's in the comments of the Bateman post, Chili's is on her regular blog.

The Grammar Snob said...

I'm touched by the kind words. Thank you so much! I'm also quite humbled to be in the same conversation with the others as they inspire me (as do you.)

I write because it soothes me. I read what others write because it inspires me and so often makes me understand I'm not the only one in the room. Not the only one who has a bad day, does something stupid, doesn't exercise when they should, or drinks too much caffeine.

Thank you for being one of those people.

The Grammar Snob said...

I didn't mean that to sound like you are lazy, caffeine addicted, or stupid. You knew that, right? Just that, in our similarities, I....crap. I've screwed it all up, now. Should have just left it at thanks. :-)