Thursday, June 28, 2007

Did you hear that?

That was the sound of my M.Ed. portfolio going live, and me letting loose three years of graduate school stress in one moment of shuddering release. I posted it online for my professors to review at 1am, and I don’t mind telling you that it was a little anticlimactic not to hear the earth-shattering kaboom when I pressed the enter key. Actually, I think it was more that I’d been running in overdrive for the last month putting the portfolio together (and trying to stay on top of all my teaching stuff), and I simply wasn’t able to slow down immediately. The coffee I’d had at 9pm also might have contributed, as well.

I came into my M.Ed. program expecting to be able to work on setting up the school Wifeness and I are putting together, and I got a lot done on this project during this time. I have a much clearer sense than I did before about what the next steps are, and I’m more convinced than ever that we will create something that has lasting value for many people. I’ll say that I’m proud of the work I’ve done over the last 3 years for this degree, but it is really only the first step in a very long journey. We take the next step soon, when we actually create the non-profit organization that will act as the framework for the school. Stay tuned for more on that in the coming months.

I’m looking forward to having my evenings (relatively) free for the summer, and to being able to go to bed at a (relatively) decent hour. It’s going to take some time to adjust my biorhythms, though. The habits of three years will not be immediately expunged. Fortunately, I have a number of little projects to fill the time until that happens.


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