Saturday, June 16, 2007

The quote, by request, belatedly...

A math teacher had just given his class a two part project. At the time, there were about 3 weeks left of school and, according to Rachel, this project would have taken most of those 3 weeks to complete. The phrase described before was uttered in exasperation at the news that she was still going to have to do the assignment, despite her pleas. This was her response.

“This project you’re giving us at the last minute is so pedantic, and it fucks students who are trying to get serious work done before the end of the year.”

I’d have given her credit for the project just for this sentence. The math teacher chose not to, but did acknowledge her creative and accurate use of both advanced and vulgar English vocabulary.

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mrschili said...

I love it, though if she were being grammtically correct, she should have used a phrase after "so pedantic" to reinforce that point. (I'm thinking of, what? Saturday Night Live? Laugh In? "My wife is SO fat..." "HOW FAT IS SHE?!")