Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lock Haven or Bust!

I leave in a week on a bike trip that will take me from Wayfarer House to Lock Haven, PA. This trip will take me 6 days and will cover about 400 miles. I’m doing it on my racing bike, not a touring bike (I like light and fast, with thin tires and aero bars), and I should be covering between 75-90 miles per day. In the days that follow, I’ll post more information about the ride, my route and my preparation for the adventure. Won’t it be nice to check in every day and finally see new postings?

I’ve been asked by a number of people if I really think I can do it. Well, I know I can ride that far for consecutive days. Last week I rode from Wayfarer House to my school (60 miles roundtrip) two days and, though there was some bugs discovered that need to be worked out by departure time, the ride itself went fine. I’ve got a bike that is in good shape. I’ve got a body that is in decent shape. I’ve got a route that is challenging, but achievable. There’s a lot working for me. I don’t honestly know if I’ll make it the whole distance, but the point is less about making it than about enjoying the journey. I guess we’ll find out together in a week or two if I was successful. Keep reading!

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mrschili said...

Really, my only true concern would be the weather. You're heading south from (mostly) lovely, temperate, mountainous climates. I'm surprised by how different the temperature can be between my home and WeedWoman's, and one can drive that distance in less than 45 minutes.

Stay hydrated, please....