Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday In-Box

So, the one class that had their work done on Friday (thus making them eligible for movie watching fun) chose Princess Bride (in Spanish, with English subtitles). This was the first movie they’ve watched in class that way (our unit on this doesn’t come for a couple of weeks), and they were excited to see how much they were able to understand. They also loved being able to say, “Hola. Mi nombre es Iñigo Montoya. Tú mataste a mi padre. Prepárate a morir.” Now, on to the in-box!

[On walking away from sports…]

Chili: Do you think the kids will organize and fight to keep their (sports) programs alive? THAT would be something worth supporting, for sure; talk about your experiential education!

Indeed it would and, yes, I do think they’ll lobby hard to keep the existing sports running. I have encouraged them to do so. I just needed to make clear that the fight belongs to someone else now. I am curious to see what happens, but I have cut off my investment in the end result. It’s the only way I can function.

[On being “at loose ends”…]

LB: It might be thyroid issues.

It certainly might be, and I’m really glad you brought it up. I’ve been really lax about keeping up my vitamin regimen (which includes healthy doses of B12). Your mention of that has prompted me back into the habit of taking vitamins. I’ll wait on the trip to the doctor until they’ve had time to kick in. Thanks for your insight!

Kizz: I was going to say something about would it be ok to try and learn to live with a "free space" where one of the sodas had been but then I thought again about that hilarious picture of SiSi and realized that she didn't just lick her sense of purpose off the wall.

You understand us both very well, Kizz! We are most assuredly related by some very strong genetics. I’m thinking about seeing if she’d like to go for walks with me in the morning. We may as well get some use out of the time, if we’re both going to be up.

[On having a rough couple of weeks…]

Fran: I'm glad you're back.

Back atcha! I’m sorry I haven’t shown you much blog love this Lenten season. I know it really helps to see that people are reading. I am, though, and until I get to commenting actually, know that I am sending encouraging thoughts to help spur you along.

JRH: When we've got some mojo back, I'll show you mine if you show me yours. *

I’m excited to do that, and I’m ready when you are! It’s actually been really good for my soul to put stuff down on paper like that. It seems harder to write and talk about by myself of late.

* JRH and I have been sharing thoughts about teaching and foster care and starting a school. If you’d like to be part of a larger discussion, I’d love to start one. Email me for more info.

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Mrs. Chili said...

That line from PB is funny in pretty much EVERY language, isn't it?