Friday, February 20, 2009

The Universe gets points for trying

The triathlon is about to start. I’m there, on the beach, in the transition area when, suddenly, I realize I don’t have any bottled water. And where are my running shoes? Oh, no! OK. Don’t panic. Go get the water first, I tell myself. I rush off to the convenience store. Damn it! They don’t have any I can find. All they have are sports drinks. And the line at the cash register is really long! Ugh! There’s a moment of indecision when I hear the start gun go off. I rush to the window and I can see heads bobbing in the surf. My group is in the water! I’ve missed the start!


My eyes snap open and I jerk up from the pillow. I realize there’s no need to panic. It was just a dream. My heart is pounding, but I bring it down to normal with some deep breathing. It takes a moment or two of focus, and I’m feeling calm and ready to get up and do my laps at the pool. I look at my watch.

Aw, crap! It’s 5:50! I’ve missed my time! If I’m not out the door by 5:45, I can’t get in my laps before I have to be home to get ready for the day.


Dear Universe,

Thank you for trying to help. Can we work together to create a dream for these occasions in which I’m arriving ON TIME? That’d be a big help.



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JRH said...

Hee! About a month before the marathon, I had a dream in which I had forgotten to bring a ponytail elastic was searching fruitlessly through Disney for one. And the night before, in my dream I was in someone's car driving to the race, not even dressed to run, 15 minutes before the race was supposed to start. I woke up from that one, looked at the clock, and said "Thank god" loud enough to wake my husband. Enjoy!