Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today SiSi, NiNi and I…

Chillaxed on the grownup bed reading and writing until 10am.

Had toast for breakfast from bread Karla made last night. She’ll need to make more this weekend.

Found clothes we needed in one of the four baskets of unfolded laundry in the living room.

Talked about how, if you get frustrated with something, it’s better to leave it be and come back to it than it is to “drama” (this is a new word in the Wayfarer House dictionary—see below).

Built a snowman out back, and then moved it to the front of the house by reconstructing it on a saucer sled.

Enjoyed the smell of pipe smoke.

Played “Knights in Hawaii with Non-Fiction Television” (featuring Hermione Granger) with Legos®. No, really.

Made hamburger patties with a mold made from a cream cheese container (they came out just the right size for the buns).

Thanked Karla for running the tubbyshower and cleanup routine.

Watched Star Wars.

Went to bed tired. It was a good day.

Dra•ma [drah-muh] (no alternate pronunciation) verb, -ed, -ing.

1. To create, by means of excessive and hyberbolic actions, words and sounds (esp. sniveling), a sense that an event, situation or circumstance is more severe and/or desperate than is actually the case.

2. To employ obvious and intentional exaggerations with the specific intent of garnering sympathy for an event, situation or circumstance well within the control of the individual to resolve.

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