Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rules and Regs

Susan at Foster Care Space Warp recently posted some of her "house rules". Wayfarer House has its own, as well (what house with children or pets doesn't). Based on recent events, however, I'm adding a couple.

New Rule #1: If you ignore the fact that you have to pee and, as a result, have an accident, you must accept that you will have to wait until we get home to deal with the problem of wet pants. Papa does not bring spare clothes for children on outings.

New Rule #2: If you violate the "hands off" rule when we are at a store (see earlier rules publications for the full text of this rule), you are responsible for any damages and the costs associated with buying the item. If you are unable to make financial restitution to either the store or the parent, as applicable, you will be required to perform additional manual labor in the form of chores around the house until such time as your debt is paid. The number of chores imposed under this rule will be commensurate to the severity of the violation of the rule and/or the amount of debt incurred, with the intent being to prevent any repeated infractions.

New (Amended) Rule #3: When an authorized parental unit--any authorized parental unit (given or chosen)--tells a dependent member of the community to abstain, desist, cease, curtail, discontinue, belay, wind up, close out, culminate or in any other way bring to an end an activity, that instruction will be followed in both letter and spirit without question and without delay. Any appeals may be brought--after the fact--to a (or, if applicable, the other) given parent. Amended as follows: Any instruction to abstain, etc., regardless of its origins, overrides a permission unless and until ALL AVAILABLE GIVEN PARENTS affirm and concur that permission is granted.

New Rule #4: Theo is off limits to all dependent members of the community while he is in holiday dress. Neither he nor any of his trappings are to be touched in any way, directly or indirectly, without the express consent of ALL AVAILABLE GIVEN PARENTS. This most especially includes the Star Trek Mr. Spock talking ornament.

New Rule #5: You will be advised of weather conditions at the time of departure from Wayfarer House. You may, at the discretion of an authorized parental unit, be advised to consider outerwear appropriate to the conditions as given. When you are so advised, the choice to heed the counsel is yours, with the understanding that you accept--without complaint--any consequences. This does not change the earlier rule that states, as relevant, "an instruction by an authorized parental unit to bring or wear particular clothing may not be interpreted as advice, subject to choice."

New Rule #6: Lunchboxes will be emptied by their owners of all perishable contents and refuse immediately upon their return to Wayfarer House. Failure to do so will forevermore result in any new lunch items being refused admittance until the offending container meets space and sanitary regulations.

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Laurie B said...

Gee, MR wayfarer these are great terms of engagement. If I were a parent or a parent want to be, I'd buy in. Everybody, adult and younger person knows the rules. I think that you are being very fair and honest.

What's the quote? Great blessings and great expectations? You and your wifeness and your community are doing just that.

Bird by Bird, one person at a time.