Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday In-Box (while my students are taking their exams)

[On “given” vs. “chosen” family…]

Chili: I guess we have to come down to questions of biology and intention.

The importance of both is one of the parts of larger question I’ve been mulling about family and marriage’s place as a fundamental keystone of the nuclear family concept. I’m still working on it, but I’m nearly ready to post something.

Mary Fagan: I have observed that those in our actual gene pool tend to bring out the absolute worst in us.

Firstly, hello Mary! I’m glad you’re here! Secondly, the anecdotal truth of your statement is something that has taken up a lot of time in my thoughts. Why is it that our given family does that to us? I’ve wondered if the answer is not somehow tied to the expression, “familiarity breeds contempt”, but I simply cannot accept as universal such a depressing supposition. I’m working too hard to evolve beyond feeling contempt for people to accept that it must be that way.

Wifeness: We should add (StoryCorps) to our next agenda.

I think it’s a great concept, and it would serve us well to find ways to make use of such things in our school development. Let’s talk more about it, k?

[On decorating for the holidays…]

Kizz: The past few years I've bought a low cost wreath for the smell.

And what a wonderful smell it is, too! It is truly a comforting winter scent, right up there with wood fires, pipe smoke and roast turkey. Theo isn’t aromatic, so we have to import wreaths if we want that particular fragrance.

Laurie B: Mostly, we spend time and share good food and wine. Time is really the only thing of limited quantity that we do have to spend.

Truly, Laurie, I think that time is undervalued in American society. I value the time people give to me and mine far more than most things they can buy. Gift cards don’t do much for me, but homemade anything is really special, especially if it’s thoughtfully done.

[On hot people living in New England…]

Kizz: I had no idea Lauren Ambrose lived in New England. Where?

As it happens, Kizz, you were right to question this. I checked again and found out she actually lives in Manhattan. Dammit! I was just settling into my decision.

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Not that it helps anything but I'm watching Brea Grant right this very second.