Sunday, August 12, 2007

The bugs are back in town, the bugs are back in town…

We discovered lice on the kids again this morning.


It figures that we would find this out just as we were getting ready to leave for a family reunion. We ended up over an hour late because we needed to drop everything and go through both girls’ hair with the fine tooth comb.

How is it possible that those bugs managed to survive, anyway??! It’s not like we weren’t thorough. We cleaned their bedding and clothes. We treated their hair with Nix (which we think was the source of SiSi’s illness a couple of weeks ago), and checked their hair every day for a week. We took care of them! Dammit!

Well, we will not allow them to come back a third time, that’s for sure. The thing about it is that we can’t really use the Nix anymore, at least not on SiSi. It's just not worth the chance of having a pukesick child in the house for another week like that. We decided to try a more gentle method this time.

The girls went to bed tonight in shower caps, with heads covered in mayonnaise. We’ll shower them in the morning and comb the crap out of their hair. We’ll investigate another application of something in a week or so. We’ll do a lot of laundry--in HAWT hot water. We will root out the buggers and we will destroy them. Not very buddhist sounding, is this? Yeah, well, Buddha didn’t have head lice. He didn’t have any hair (at least, not in the Chinese version). If he did, he’d undoubtedly have amended the rule a little bit. Fucking bugs.


Mrs. Chili said...

I am so, SO sorry. Truly - you know I am...

Mediocre Housewife said...

Ugh. Lice. My head is itchy now. Thanks a lot! ;)

Did you get the little buggers?