Thursday, February 22, 2007

Let's Review the Highlights of Today's To Do List...

1. Write some on the thesis. Check.

2. Return copious amounts of email. Check –. I still have several to do tonight, but I made a big dent in the list.

3. Update class blogs so students can submit BOTH their assignments before they come back from vacation. Check +. I even got several students’ work edited, so they can make corrections when they come back.

4. Go for walk. --. I postponed this because I needed to go out to get tomatoes for supper tonight, and discovered after the fact that I needed to replace the rear wiper blade on my car because it had basically fallen off. Not a complicated procedure, but going to the auto parts store and dealing with the problem ate up my walking time. Fortunately, I’ll have shoveling the driveway to look forward to as exercise. We’re due about 3” of snow, which is just enough to warrant clearing.

5. Make supper. Check. Stuffed tomatoes, inspired by this recipe, served with fettuccini. I cheated a little by using the rest of the pesto in the fridge instead of tapenade, but it worked. It got positive reviews by 2/3 of the women in the house (NiNi hates everything I make anyway, so whatever).

6. Post at least rudimentary replies to two of the blogs I read. Check. (Chili and Kizz, plus Wifeness)

7. Post to my own blog. Check.

All in all, a productive day! I think I'll reward myself with a cup of coffee and some episodes of the first season of Battlestar Galactica after the children are asleep.

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