Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 9: Yet Undone

The prompt for today asks me to talk about my "bucket list" (a term, I must admit, that makes me roll my eyes for its hokiness). Although I'm proud to say I have lived--and am living--a full life to this point, there are still a few goals I've not yet achieved. Here are some of them:

To get this Community School thing going. I need to write a post or two on this. It continues to tug at me.

To become more proficient at a musical instrument. I whistle decently and I sing on key most of the time, but I've always enjoyed what few moments I've spent with instruments like the guitar, the recorder and the harmonica. I also played around with the xylophone when I was a kid, but the thought of trying to master that instrument (in particular, with 2 or 3 mallets in each hand) makes my head hurt.

To write a book. I've written a lot of material in my life, but nothing that approaches a properly published book or any size. That'd be a fun project! In fact, Laney and I were talking about how to combine writing with music in some sort of collaborative production not long ago. Apart from the idea of working with her on such an endeavor, the idea of not doing "just another book" very much appeals.

To see my children to adulthood. Sure, this means my birth children, but also included are all the others whose growth I'm responsible for. They are all wonderful works in progress and nothing makes me happier than seeing them safely out into the world to do their own thing.

To complete an Ironman event. I'm not training at all right now, but I have a long term goal of getting to a place where I can do a full Ironman triathlon. I have too much going on in my world at this moment to devote the time necessary to achieve such a thing, but I look forward to the not-too-distant-future when such a thing is practically possible. In the meantime, I'm going to put the trash together to run to the dump and get what materials I need to go up to the Red House and work on the upstairs bedroom walls.  After I've shoveled the snow that fell up there yesterday. 

Happy Saturday!

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