Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 25: Where I Am, In the Moment

Take a moment to observe where you are. What's it like? What comes to mind when you look around you? What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? Even familiar places take on a whole new dimension when you actively take them in. Here's what my space is like.

I'm sitting in "my chair". It's a red reclining chair. Not a big, cushy Lay-Z-Boy monstrosity, but something smaller, more subtle. Currently, it sits in the dining room of the Yellow House, but soon it will be near the sunny windows of the Great Room at the Red House. It will be near Theo (our ficus tree) and he will shelter and shade me as I nap. It will be glorious.

In front of me is the dining room table. There are six chairs around it and on the table is an eclectic assortment of things: The girls' lava lamp, which needs a new bulb (the old one burnt out and then broke off when Wifeness tried to remove it), two sets of Magic® decks--one is SiSi's, one is mine, the tax folder from our accountant (we're getting money back) and the myriad candle holders, trivets and accents that normally decorate the space. The chandelier above the table has a bulb out. Sigh.

NiNi's sewing machine is on the small table to my right. Wifeness used it to put together a blanket for Baby Max, who was born just 4 weeks ago. We got to see him this past weekend, along with his parents. We brought food to make and to leave because when you have a newborn, having premade food is good. It was nice to spend the day with them! I think we all wished they lived closer.

There are other tables and sideboards around the room. Almost all of them have plants on them. Some have photos. There's one of Wifeness and me when she worked for Warner Brothers as Sylvester the Cat. There's one of Mutti and Vati and me. Our wedding photos are next to it. Some of the tables have candles on them. None are lit at the moment, but they often add just a touch of light and warmth to go with their various scents--vanilla, evergreen, lavender.

Our small Chinese lion puppet (we use it to celebrate Chinese New Year) sits on top of my hourglass, which is on the bookshelf that sits to my left. This bookshelf holds lots of cookbooks, but also all the Harry Potter novels, both in print and on CD. On the small dresser across the room is my wife's special teapot. I bought it for her as an anniversary gift several years ago. It encourages us to take time to sit, share and just spend time together. We don't use it nearly often enough.

There's a crock pot waiting to be put away and cat food waiting to be eaten. There are small piles of things on their way from one place to another. Our house is in constant motion, constant transition, and there is always something in the middle of some sort of change.

She's not in the room with me, but I can see Wifeness in the living room, working on her computer. I've sent her a text through Facebook, but I don't think she's seen it yet. It says something mushy. The girls are in bed; the house is quiet. Even the radiators are hushed. It's very tranquil.

This won't last, though.  The USA v MEX World Cup Qualifier is on at 10:30.  Boisterous is an understatement of what that game will be like.

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