Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 17: Where I Am Happiest...

I was at the Red House today. I'd been there since about noon, and had worked for the better part of the afternoon sanding, spackling and otherwise moving slowly, yet inexorably, forward with the prep work to get the rooms painted. Wifeness and the girls (accompanied by friends) came up separately, but left after a visit just long enough to apply paint samples. I'm feeling some pressure to get the house prepped by April break (it is my hope that lots of extra hands are available then, and we can get most of the interior of the house painted then), so I committed to working a little longer.

When I looked at my watch next, it said it was 4pm--about time to head downcountry. I would have liked to have more time to work, but as I put the lid on the spackle and unplugged the sander I realized that I probably wouldn't have been good for much more today. Although I am definitely on the upswing from having flirted with the plague that infected SiSi last week, I am not at 100% energy. Or maybe it was that I didn't take a nap. I have short-lived batteries, after all.

Anyway, I descended the stairs and turned into the living room to check on the wood stove. Through the glass on the door, I can see that flames were burning happily inside. Above, on the mantel, is a statue of Kuan Yin. She came to the house just after we closed on it, and her presence in the space has a tangible calming effect on me. I don't know about anyone else, but it feels somehow right that she is there.

I decide I've got a few minutes, so I drag one of the two chairs in the house into the warm, sunlit room and I place it in front of the stove. I go get my cup of water and I sit myself (somewhat heavily) in the chair. I'm sure a sigh escaped my lips because, in that moment, even though the house is empty of people and trappings, it felt a lot like I've always wanted home to feel. It felt the same way when Wifeness and I spent the night up there just before New Year's. It's felt the same way every time I've ever been there. That feeling of tranquil, of "you're supposed to be here". Like you don't really want to leave once you're there.

Where am I happiest?  I think any place that makes me feel like that certainly qualifies.

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