Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 14: What's on my iPod?

My mp3 player (which is not an iPod) has on it two things in quantity that, together, make up 98% of all that is stored on it:

Audio books and music from 1975-1995.

I used to keep a copy of A Few Good Men on it for when I was travelling, but I took it off because it's just so rare that I'm the one not driving.  Plus, I bring my laptop with me everywhere and that's got a bigger screen.

For those who are judging right now (oh, yes you are), let me make clear that the music stops at 1995 not because I don't like more recent music.  It's really that I'm too damn lazy to go find it, get it and download it. 

I'd love it if there were a service that did that!  You know, you just pay 49¢ a year or something (see, even my concept of money stops at 1995) and the computer would just download all the music you like onto your player automatically.  But--and this is the kicker--it would download ONLY the music you like.  No offense, Cyndi Lauper, but if I were to see you come up on shuffle, I'd be right put out. 

Such products exist, I have no doubt, for technology that is more cutting-edge than mine.  That's the proverbial rub.  See, I don't want to pay more than 49¢ a year for this service, and I don't want to pay what's required to get an iPiddity that is hooked to The Collective all the time.  To get a two-year contract just to have music at my beck and call would just be ridiculous (and I don't use a cell phone often enough to make up the difference).  I don't need to play Angry Birds that badly, either (anymore--dammit, but that game was addictive).

So, I'll just enjoy my old people music and wait for the time when it's worth it to make the jump to light speed.  Or I get a minion.  A tech savvy minion.  Who knows how to make decent coffee.  Mochas.  With the little leaf in the foam, like Cato does in Green Hornet. 

Actually, though, the vintage stuff has some real value.  For example, I have learned that it is a great motivator for my soccer team to play well.  If they don't, they have to listen to me belt out Kenny Rogers all the way home in the van.

"Oh, yooooooooouuuuuu, decorated my liiiiiiiiife!"

So good for my soul.


Chuck Berry said...

Spotify is a great music service, you don't even need to download the songs. It's free with commericals or $9.95/mo if you don't want the commercials...

Chuck Berry said...

haha, commericals...

Wayfarer said...

Yes, but how does one use Spotify on an mp3 player that doesn't have Internet access? This is the challenge.