Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 10: Ma Routine Quotidienne

Today's prompt is about my daily routine. Like most people who live in northern climes, I have one that changes with the seasons, but there are several other things that affect what the day looks like. Like many teachers, my routine is subject to the ebb and flow of the school schedule. Add to that the adjustments necessary for things like soccer season, triathlon training, kid transport, conferences (mine and Wifeness') and other projects, and it's safe to say that the concept of a daily routine in my world is really only visible in its most basic, wireframe mode. Here's what that looks like:

The Waking Up Part: This is happening lately much later than it should for this time of year. Were I training (like I should be) I'd be up at 5am; during the last month I haven't been sleeping terribly well and I'm finding even the current 6:45 a struggle.

The Breakfast Part: This includes breakfast, coffee, shower, chivvying of children and a check of things like email, weather and social media. On days when I have to be at school early*, this all gets done by 7:30. If I don't have to be in until later, I'll sometimes linger over the coffee and the computer here at home so I can get quiet work done after everyone else is gone.

*My teaching schedule is a later shift; my classes run from 10-4 most days.

The Morning Part: When school is in session, this is all about planning, meetings and the business parts of my job. When it's not, I will often do domestic things like laundry or home repair and then set up for whatever activities are to take place in the afternoon. If I'm training and I can swim outside, this is the best time for it because there are very few boats out on the water.

The Lunch/Nap Part: During school, this time is replaced with The Do Everything Except Eat Lunch Part. I use this time as office hours, I run errands, I try to get meetings in, I write email... Everything but actually eat my lunch. There is, as you might expect, no nap, either.  Not that I'm bitter.

The Afternoon Part: During soccer season, this is all about soccer. During not-soccer season, I try to train (but not lately) and do stuff that leaves me free of professional obligations when I get home.

The Evening Part: The most scripted part of my day. Dinner, dishes, kid bedtime routine, my bedtime routine. Easy. If I'm able, I'll do creative stuff (like write a blog entry). If I'm devoid of creative energies, I'll just read, listen to music or watch something on a screen. Lately, I'm asleep before any of those three options gets too far.

What's your day like?

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