Thursday, January 31, 2013

This Morning's Schedule...

6:15: Up and shower.

6:45: Roust children, make lunches, confirm that there's no stupid 2-hour delay for the kids like there was yesterday.

7:25: Out the door. Rush kids to Heather's for carpool.

7:35: Kids at carpool. Rush to meet Thom and others at van rental place. Will leave car there to help bring vans back from school at end of school day.

8:00: Meet Thom, drop off car. Rush to School to get there by 8:30.

8:35: Close enough. Rush to class to get attendance taken.

8:40: Whilst taking attendance, cell phone rings. It's Suzanne, calling from Washington, DC, to inquire why she's seeing chatter on Facebook that says that the kids' school is closed.

8:41: Call Heather, confirming that kids' school is, in fact, closed (apparently due to power loss from last night's heavy winds) and that they're at Heather's house.

8:42: Report this to admin, and inform them that I have to go get them because Suzanne is probably not going to get there from Washington, DC.

8:43: It becomes apparent that my car is at the rental car place. Cursing begins.

8:44: It becomes apparent that the Children's Theatre group has a gig this morning not far from rental car place, and that they're due to leave at any moment. Cursing quickly subsides.

8:50: Rush to put subbage is put into place for the day, pick up work to bring home and get into car with Children's Theatre people.

9:15: Back to rental car place (wasn't I just here?)

9:20: It becomes apparent that I have no desire to sit around the house all day with my children complaining of boredom. If I take them up to the Red House, at least I can get some work done and they can run around outside.

9:45: Stop at Wayfarer House to pick up supplies for children (Heather's and mine) to spend the afternoon at the Red House. Also, pick up hardware and equipment to do home improvement.

9:47: Realize that there is nothing to feed children for lunch except fruit and pretzels. Cursing begins again.

11:00: Pick children up from Heather's. Cursing stops because there are children present (who are not mine)

11:05: Stop at McBurger to throw food at children.

11:06: Children get all, "I don't like [anything on the menu unless it's the most expensive thing there]." Cursing and negotiations begin.

11:30: Children have food. I have headache. Off to the Red House.

12:00: Arrival at the Red House. Children go off to frolic. I go to work on the walls of the living room.

The afternoon was much less eventful and much more productive.


Greenfield Public Library said...

I know a way to make the evening even more productive. Leave the children at the Red House. I mean, you already fed them today, right?

Kizz said...

At least there was no stupid 2 hour delay!

Wayfarer said...

GPL: The thing is, they just keep eating. Sooner or later, they'd find a phone and call.

Kizz: True, although it amounted to the same thing in terms of how much time I DIDN'T spend at work.

On the plus side, I did find the set of keys I'd lost the other day up there! They'd (apparently) fallen out of the van in the driveway the last time we were up there and then gotten snowed on, but the snow has melted in the driveway and--there they were!