Tuesday, March 30, 2010

10 Things Tuesday--Spending Spree?

With the tax refund checks due any day, there’s gonna be a lot of money going out the door here at Wayfarer House. Here’s some of the “to buy” list that has to do with me:

1. Jeans. I’m down to two pairs of Levis. They’re all I wear, essentially, so it’s good to have enough around to go between the weekly doings of laundry.

2. A coffee pot. My current one has a fitty on/off switch. I’ve jury rigged it once, but I don’t think I can do it again. It’s a shame, really. It makes a pretty decent pot of coffee. I’m still researching a possible replacement.

3. A TV. Our Bush era television is fine for the colorblind guy, but Wifeness says the color just isn’t right anymore. I can’t argue with that. The one she’s found to replace what we have is the largest that will fit in the cabinet (the television is our house goes behind doors when it’s not being watched--out of view, out of mind).

4. A front rim for my bike. I put a warp in it last tri season, and it wobbles a little too much. I’ll keep the old one as an emergency backup for the long trip in August, but it’s no good for racing anymore.

5. Running shoes. My current ones have long past their limit. I really need to go to a store and look around for something that really fits. I haven’t been fitted for shoes in a long time.

6. A printer for the house. The old HP 722C we have now is not supported well in Windows 7, and Karla’s computer can’t print to it. It’s time to upgrade. Suzanne found one she thought met all our needs. I’ll have to find the link.

7. Stone to build a frame around the tiny vegetable garden in the back. The wood frame I built for it 3 years ago had a tree branch fall on it, and then it rotted out. It needs to be replaced with something more durable.

8. Linoleum for the upstairs apartment. We have the money to finish that project for our tenant. Now to find the time!

9. A better raincoat. I have lots of windbreakers, but nothing that does more than delay the inevitable. It’d be nice to have something that actually kept me dry for longer than 10 minutes.

10. Tickets to Clash of the Titans and Kick-Ass. Anyone want to go?

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