Sunday, May 3, 2009

“Write something in your blog, so I can read it.”

Karla said this to me yesterday. Here you go. A Pulitzer prize winning blog entry coming up.

Truly, the reason I haven’t written anything before now is just that, well, I’ve been feeling this odd need to disconnect from the on-line collective. I’m not really sure why. Have you ever had those times when you just didn’t feel like talking to people? Well, it’s exceedingly rare that I’ll feel like that with people in real life (I get way too much out of in-person interactions). Blogging, though, feels like talking without the interaction (although I love those you who take the time to comment; it’s the closest thing to it in the blogosphere). This past week, I didn’t feel like just talking.

Life at Wayfarer House has been good. I’ve been busy at school with grading and Written Elements. I’ve been motivated well to get out and train, and I’ve even managed to get some yard work done. Wifeness has been reading on things teacherly, but also took an evening to go over the hill for a craft night at a friend’s house. The girls have been playing outside a lot (stay out of the compost!), and they had their first recorder concert—complete with program, flowers and reception—yesterday. NiNi wore the customary black dress. SiSi wore her “good jeans” and a buttondown shirt. The video has been converted for uploading online, but I don’t know when/if that’ll happen. I’ll post here if it makes it that far. Otherwise, you’ll have to ask for it when you come to visit.

Karla’s been getting stronger every week. She’s started volunteering at the local library a couple of days a week, and she says that it’s going well. It’s not exhausting her as much as she thought, which is (I hope) telling her that she can stretch out a bit to do more physical things like walking and riding her bike a bit. These things will increase her metabolism, as well as her appetite, and will promote the good kind of weight gain she needs. Not that I’m using my blog to reinforce what I’ve been telling her all along or anything.

Dani and Joe stopped by spontaneously last night, and it was wonderful to see them. They look happy, and sounded as though things in their world are well. They are clearly happy parents of a toddler, and that brings my heart joy. Every baby deserves parents that are attentive and joyful and loving, and Dani and Joe are all of these and more.

I’m not sure what the day holds in store, except for softball practice in the afternoon. I’m ok with not figuring that out just now. Frankly, I’m going to be content just to sit outside, drink my coffee and listen to the sounds of a cool morning in springtime.


Kizz said...

I'm so much the opposite. It's much rarer that I want to disconnect from the online than want to disconnect from in-person or even phone interaction. I recharge from the introvert part of me I guess.

Mrs. Chili said...

Huh. I was just going to say something similar to Kizz's comment, though I'm not the introvert that she is and I love BOTH kinds of interaction. I think I'm feeling a little sad that I've not been ABLE to be as participatory in my online life lately; writing takes time I don't really feel I have at the moment. Oh, well; the best I can do is the best I can do, right?

JRH said...

*I* get it. :) I have been feeling a little like that lately too (which doesn't mean I haven't been stalking your blog looking for something new... you can thank Karla for saying what I was thinking).