Tuesday, May 5, 2009

10 Things Tuesday--Late Night Edition

What do you do when you’ve come back from a 5k run at 10pm, and there’s no way you’re going to sleep for the next 3 hours because you’re high on adrenaline and the caffeine you had at 7:30?

1. You put in a load of laundry to wash all the nasty wet clothing you’ve worn running, cycling and to play softball. Phew!

2. You log your running time. I’ve been keeping records of such things for the last 4 years, and I get excited to see that I am getting stronger and faster every year! Tonight’s run (fueled as it was by a nap and some coffee) was the second fastest 5k time I’ve ever run! And that it comes so early in the season can only mean my tri times will be better than last year. That’ll be great!

3. You start to review a DVD called The Practice Project, which is wonderfully connected to my research from last year (see the paper [HERE])

4. You listen to the Red Sox beat the Yankees for the fifth straight time this season. Go Sox! (Sorry, Kizz)

5. You pull your old computer off your racing bike. It’s 17 years old, and it’s the only one I’ve ever used. It’s still in decent working order, but I got a new one for my anniversary so it’s going to SiSi so she can log how far she rides. I’ll put the new one on sometime this weekend.

6. You check your Facebook messages to make sure that Ruth and Wheeler are still coming up tomorrow. Ruth is home from college in Florida, and Wayfarer House is excited to welcome her back! Hopefully, by the time we see him, Wheeler will be employed at a new (and less stressful) job.

7. You check your email to find out how Katie’s doing with her schoolwork. Katie is supposed to be emailing me an update on her progress through the last quarter of the 6th grade, as part of continued monitoring by the adults in her world to promote responsibility and transparency. I sent her a separate email earlier in the week, just to tell her I love her and (hopefully) to encourage her to stay the course. She needs some love as she pushes to make it through the year in relatively decent shape.

8. You look at the grading you need to be doing and say, “Fuck it. Not tonight.”

9. You think about taking a shower and say the same thing (opting instead for the quick rinse because you’re really already wet from running in the rain).

10. You post all this to your blog, and wait anxiously for replies! Happy Tuesday!

PS: The water last night was from the toilet upstairs, which just took a lot longer to fill than it should have when it was used in the middle of the night. I'll have to look into that...


Kizz said...

What are you apologizing to me for? I'm not a fan of the evil empire, I'm a Sox fan!

JRH said...

10PM, huh? There goes my "it's too late to run" excuse...
Congrats on the time though.

Mrs. Chili said...

I still think the running is crazy...

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