Friday, December 19, 2008

This snow is really putting my knickers in a twist...

...and no, it's not just because it falls. Let me 'splain. No, there is no time. Let me sum up.

I knew yesterday that there would be a storm coming this afternoon, and that it would likely result in a cancellation of classes. I knew it, but could do nothing about it. The day was just too busy for me to do what was necessary to prepare for all that was going to follow.

A snow day today creates a lot of problems for me. The way our school's class schedule works, losing the day today means I have to pack in everything--presentations, performances, assessments and independent study reviews--all before the end of the day on Tuesday (a day, it must be noted, that not all of my classes meet). Add to this the fact that several of my students are not coming in next week (they're leaving to celebrate Hannukkah stuff out of town), so they will not have what they need to do for practice over break, and all of a sudden there is an organizational nightmare. I do not, as of this writing, have a solution for these problems, but at least I have the extra day to think about it!

The kids' school actually decided to fit in a ½ day (they're dismissing at noon), but I'm keeping them home. It's not worth the gas to drive up there twice, with everything else that's going on today. We need to get some grocery shopping done, and we need to pick up Wifeness and hit the mall so Karla can get some stuff for the gifts she's giving. I don't think we're going to get back home before the snow falls, but it is my hope that we'll escape the worst of the driving experience. Then it's all about domestica (laundry, vacuuming, dishes) until the snow reaches 6" in height. I'll have to move it around with the snowblower before it gets too dark, so that Maeve can get in the driveway when she returns home from work.

Who says snow days are like an extra day of vacation? They can come on over and enjoy it here. We have dishes to do.

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