Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm in school. Where are you?

Despite the icy, slushy and generally messy conditions in the area the last couple of days, my school has not cancelled classes. I’m all right with this, since it means I’ll have to stay in June that many fewer days. You see, we already get out much later than the average public school (our current last day is June 18), and it often happens that we’re chugging along in that last week of the month. I like my summer to start earlier rather than later, so if it means I have to slog through 2” of slush to get to school I’ll put on my wellies and my wide-brimmed hat and head on out.

That said, there are not all that many kids here today. Many of my students live in the hill towns. The road conditions there will be treacherous until mid-afternoon, and a great many trees have succumbed to the weight of the ice on the branches, falling on houses, cars and roads. I cannot complain that most are at home, though hopefully they’re working on their stuff for my classes so I don’t have to send out Late Notices for them. I hate writing that paperwork! I cancelled the exam today for those of them that showed up. With only one full week before the holiday, it just didn’t make sense to create work many of them would have to see me outside of class to make up. Why create a Spanish emergency when one doesn’t need to exist?

It’s supposed to clear up later today, but I’m still not going to try to do any training. I’ve been invited to the local watering hole after school, but I also need to run to the mall to drop Karla’s computer off at the Mac Store (the CD drive is being recalcitrant). I should be back well in time for the holiday photo, although I’ll have to de-scruff beforehand.

Wifeness and I are going out for a date tomorrow morning! Auntie Carolyn has offered to take the children off our hands for a couple of hours, so we’re going to chill at a local breakfast joint, then go window shopping. I’m really looking forward to this time. It’s rare of late that I get to spend such time with my wife, and I miss it.

I’ll try to get out for a run this weekend at some point and, hopefully, that will spell the end of this episode of depressive exhaustion. I’m ready to be done with it, I really am.


Anonymous said...

woohoo! new windows!

Kizz said...

Is your house guest ready? I just heard from Auntie that she has power back but that some people may not get any juice until Wednesday. The Chilis may head your way to stave off modern-day meltdown.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Wayfarer and Mrs Wonderfulness, we can lodge a few more friends here if need be. We've got two spare double beds and one blow up single mattress and lots of sleeping bags. Let us know if we can help out.

The chili family might still be cold, we have some room here. we're open to everything except extra pets.
Two cats here , they don't like dogs or other cats.

Have you heard from Auntie Fran?