Monday, November 3, 2008

A long time between poems...

Uncle Bubba came to visit not long ago. It had been an age since we'd seen him (not unusual). He and Ethel showed up out of the blue (perfectly acceptable) and stayed the night (a wonderful treat). We talked a little, enjoying the cool autumn air of the porch, trying to catch up on each other's lives. He seems to be holding his own. They even were able to take time off from work to enjoy a vacation to Pennsylvania!

By tradition, when Bubba visits the house he leaves us some poetry on the dry erase board. Having just come from Gettysburg, the image of that awful (and "aweful")moment of history was fresh in his mind, and so his gift to us on this visit was of a somewhat somber tone compared to the norm. I include it here to share, and to tell the world that my chosen brother, my friend of many years is very important to me. The years, the distance, the changes, mean only that it takes us a little longer to reconnect than it should. They do not lessen my love for him, or my desire to see him healthy and happy in his world.

Just don't take so damn long to get back here next time, alright?

The Sea of Carnage

Wave after wave of blue and grey
Have fallen.
The froth has turned the fruit
Blood red.

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Mrs. Chili said...

I love the idea of poetry on the whiteboard...