Tuesday, November 18, 2008

10 Things Tuesday: Check-in on 2008 Goals

I've made a concerted effort the last couple of years to document things I want to accomplish. I overhaul the list in January, and check on them every so often. I find that a periodic review of my goals helps to keep them fresh in my mind. I should have done this in September, but I neglected to take the time (an oversight that has resulted in several of them not yet being met, as you’ll see). I am taking it as a gentle reproach to do that work on time from now on. When my goals are in my thoughts, I’m more likely to stay focused on them. I made them to do them, after all.

I started this year with 11 specific goals (#4, below, is actually a combination of two separate goals), though other items have since been added to the list. The most notable of these is the work related to my speaking gig in Charlotte this month. All of the added goals have been checked off, so I’m only going to review the original batch below.

1. Commit to regular meetings and a focused process of restoration, to regain control of the unruly elements of life at Wayfarer House:

We’re holding our own at Wayfarer House right now, but this goal is a loooong way from feeling met. To be fair, we’ve had a lot that has needed our attention (especially these lasts couple of months), but there is rather a lot in our world that needs to be reigned in as the year comes to a close. I’ll talk to Wifeness about this.

2. Renew “teapot time” with Wifeness:

I’m not even sleeping in the same bed with my wife right now, which makes this time ever more important (the fact that we’re not making time to communicate well and work together is a large part of why we’re only treading water). As Karla’s health continues to be a necessary focus for us, we are going to have to strategize creatively on how to meet our needs as a married couple, as well as those of the rest of our family. It’s part of the #1 discussion.

3. Creating and reviewing each month a clear and definable list of goals for the Community School project.

This got put off, but Wifeness and I have talked recently about the need to put it back into the mix. I’ll be content to see this carried over to next year’s list, with an practical, achievable plan in place. It’s time for this to be a focus of my out-of-school professional time.

4. Become active in the foster care community:

I became a Volunteer Case Reviewer earlier this year, and have taken part in nearly two dozen reviews so far. I’ve had to step back from it these last couple of months because of soccer, but I’m excited to be able to do them again! Volunteering for DSS is only a starting point, though. I want to investigate other ways to meet this goal for next year.

5. Get down to 180 lbs:

YES! The goal for next year is to keep going!

6. Develop a routine of daily exercise:

I did it. I let it go for soccer season. I’m gonna do it again. I’m confident of this.

7. Compete in the Greenfield Triathlon:

Boo-YAH! It kicked my ass, but I did it. I’m determined do it next year, but without the “kick my ass” part.

8. Go on one overnight camping trip:

SiSi and I kayaked about 4½ miles and camped overnight at the convergence of the Ashuelot and Connecticut rivers. We had a great time! She paddled all the way back, too! OK, it was downstream, so we’d have made it home eventually, but she really worked it!

9. Go on one multi-day bicycle trip:

This got pushed off to ’09, which was better for everyone. We decided on Nova Scotia, possibly via my hometown in Maine. Details to follow.

10. Complete (a list of) woodworking projects:

Sigh. None of the four things I had on that list have been done yet. Worse, I don’t know if I’ll be able to do any of them between now and the end of the year. I’ll have to think about this one. Even to get one of them done would feel good at this point.

Overall, I’m quite happy with what has actually been accomplished here. I have stuff to work on as the holiday season approaches, but I am pleased and empowered that I can tangibly see progress on at least some of the things I have said were important to me. How is the end of 2008 looking for you? Are you feeling positive or apprehensive? Has it been a successful year for you (even if it wasn’t in quite the way you imagined it would be)?


Kizz said...

I've felt similarly about just treading water. No fault of anyone's but life got in the way. A lot of people died. I've made progress on goals but not the huge, sweeping progress one might hope. I'm not drowning so I must be doing OK.

Who's Karla? Have I not been paying attention?

The Grammar Snob said...

Successful, yes with a healthy dose of things to stop putting off until next year and just freaking do it already. Weight loss tops this list for me with a huge lofty goal I think I might announce to the internet simply so that my friends inside the computer can hold me to it.

In reflection, though, progress is progress no matter how small.