Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Week in Quotes

“[It was] a rhetorical point...”  Sarah Leah Whitson, Executive Director of the Middle East and North Africa Divsion of Human Rights Watch, in response to criticism of her impromptu estimation of the population of Libya as double that of Bahrain (to make a point about the proportion of violence in the larger country). Detail-oriented viewers were quick to point out that it is, in fact, nearly nine times the size.

“Would you be willing to commit to it at 1:00? 2:43? 3:27?”  SiSi, after I told her I would not be willing to commit to a time to discuss time in front of the television in the afternoon.

“This isn’t getting less creepy over time.” Kai

“...with the puhstrophuphe.” Julia

“You can admire and respect tightrope walkers with no desire to be one yourself.”  Someone talking about being, “as traditional as Garrison Keillor” and feeling ok about it.

“Sorry, I couldn’t tell.  He had chick underwear on.” Jasmine, about a Where’s Waldo picture.

“Before, I had asked God to right the wrongs and comfort the suffering.  I now know--really know--that God entrusts those tasks to us.” Sister Helen Prejean, from the book Dead Man Walking.

“I’m confusing my algebraic function of time and my Latin ablative of time!”  Gabbie

“The most important part of any mental prosthetic (as calculators and all forms of finger math are) is that they support good mental models of mathematics rather than replacing them.” Indiana University professor Andy Harris, in his musings about Chisenbob, a Korean method of doing basic arithmetic using the fingers.

“I don’t have a wardrobe, I have a floor-drobe.”Kenna.

“When you find a top hat you are required to have a photo-shoot.”Monica.

“Hey!  Did you see a little naked man running around with a $100 bill?”  Eddie Murphy, in the movie The Golden Child.

“I've never seen anyone dance like that!”  NiNi, of her mother.

"Morgan Freeman is coming. Everybody look busy!" Maypaz.

Are you looking busy today?

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