Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Unpacking Diversity

Jinx posted this article [HERE] online today that led me to two others [HERE] and [HERE]. The general question posed throughout them all was this:

What is the effect of promoting a universal acceptance of diversity?

I would encourage you to read the articles because I'm not going to summarize them here (I've got too much to do). After you've read them, I'd welcome some respectful and thoughtful discussion on the points of the article.

A warning: This stuff is heavy on your brain (or it should be). Like any deep reading, take it in steps:

1. Read it, then let it sit.

2. Think on it for a while.

3. When you're ready, go back through it. Try to put the information in the readings in context with your thoughts. What makes sense? What doesn't? What do you agree with and, more importantly, what do you NOT agree with? Are there things in the readings that you're not sure about or have questions on? Are there points in the readings that seem unfounded or invalid?

4. Write your thoughts down, then let them sit.

5. Reread them after a bit. Ask the same questions you did of the reading.

6. If you're inclined, send your thoughts to me. I'd love to hear them! Please remember to be respectful in your use of language if you post them for others to see. Let's model good behavior, people!

I'm only on Step 2 just now, but it's been a busy day. I'm hoping to have time to post something more lengthy soon. Maybe for a Monday Meditation.

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