Thursday, December 1, 2011

This is (my wife on) Jeopardy!

My super smart, incredibly talented, amazingly creative, shamelessly unreserved (on camera) will be on national television tomorrow as a contestent on America's favorite quiz show! 

Check out the commercial for this week's shows!  Further down the page, as well, is her "Hometown Howdy".

Her show airs TOMORROW, and I'm looking for volunteers to record it digitally.  We have a VCR, but not a DVR and the show isn't available in any form online that I can find.  If you're able to help, I'd be happy to offer something delicious as compensation!

To make an appearance on this show was the realization of a dream for her.  Contenstants have to qualify (through two tests) to even get a chance to audition, and she went through the process TWICE!*  I went with her to L.A. for the taping of the show, and I'll tell you in was an incredible experience.  It is not possible to communicate just how much more intense it is to be watching the show live, and how much harder it is to keep your nerve -- and I wasn't even on playing the game!  I can't discuss specifics about the show until after it airs TOMORROW, but I can tell you that it was so exciting to be there to support my wife in making this happen.  Without any question, she deserved to be on that stage, and it was great to see her doing something she'd worked toward for several years. 

Jeopardy! is syndicated, so check your local listings to find you when/where the show airs in your world.  For us at Wayfarer House, it's at 7:30 on channel 5, and a whole bunch of us will be squeezed into the living room to watch it unfold.  We hope you'll join us (wherever/whenever), and I hope you'll talk to her about it afterward.  She's just bursting to talk about it!

People who qualify for the show are put in a contestant pool and are selected for the show at random.  You stay in the pool for 18 months and, if you're not selected during that time, you have to requalify.


Kizz said...

I've known people who have qualified for the pool but never anyone who made it. I'm going to DVR it but don't have the ability to record it unfortunately. Hope you find someone because you should definitely keep this for posterity.

Wayfarer said...

We only have a VCR, but at least we'll have that. I'd love a digital copy, though! As you said, it's something to keep and share.