Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Last School Week of the Year

This is the last week before the Xmas holiday break.  It is also the time for two other seasonal events:

It is the time when unexpected gifts arrive.  All week, random expressions of love and appreciation have been appearing in my classroom -- as often as not without notes to identify their bestowers.  Some are simple notes on the board, sticky notes on my laptop or pictures for my wall.  Some are gifts for Mbungo, my wooden classroom manikin.  Some is food laid almost venerationally at my desk.  It's very cool!  Today, I got a whole chocolate cake!  The student who brought it stayed and helped me eat it, and we sat and talked about family, holidays, religion.  It was one of those special moments that reinforce to me that I made a good choice in being a teacher.  It also served to remind me that I need to get back on the damn treadmill.

It is the time when the alumni come home to visit.  I'm blessed that I get to see my alumni throughout the year, but the ones away at university often take this week, their first back home, to come and visit.  I love it, and I'm always honored that they take the time to knock on my classroom door to visit!  I try to leave this week light in terms of teacherly stuff so I can spend time with them when they show up, but inevitably it's not enough time.  Today, Kestrel came by to say hello and all we had time for was a quick hug and a promise to figure out when to actually sit down with each other.  I'm sure she'll come to Wayfarer House to visit (the rest of my family adores her and wants to see her, too), but there are others who are only able to connect during these brief moments and I think it's important to make them last as long as I can. 

To all my students, those I see in class every day and those I don't, I love you very much!  My door is always open to you.   



Mrs. Chili said...

HEY! It's a blue door!

Coincidence? I think not...

Wayfarer said...

I wondered if you'd notice that!