Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today's timeline...

2:00am Alarm goes off. Pitch black. Must get up.

3:00am Bags in car. Wifeness, children up. Eating something. Ready to drive an hour to Pensacola to catch our flight. Mom coming, too (she'll drive the car back).

4:05am Mom drives off.

4:06am Wifeness realizes her wallet is not in her luggage. Brief drama ensues.

4:13am Wheel breaks on Wifeness' luggage. Brief drama ensues, followed by exasperated phrase, "Really?!"

4:45am Through security (who lets Wifeness through, despite having no identification). At the gate. How is it possible that every, single flight we take goes in and out from the gate farthest from the entrance?

5:25am SiSi's water bottle leaks on her and her carry-on bag as she finds her seat on the plane. Brief drama ensues.

5:30am Wheels up. NiNi sits next to Papa and chats at regular intervals throughout the flight, breaking Papa's concentration as he tries very hard to control his motion sickness. Airsick bags are located, but are not required.

7:45am Arrival in Atlanta. Connection to Boston is at the other end of the airport at (once again) the farthest gate possible. The long walk begins.

7:55am Arrival at Gate A32,741. Several among the group decide to visit the bathroom just as the intercom announces boarding for next leg of the journey. Brief drama ensues. Intercom announces the wrong flight. Ours is NOT boarding at this time, after all. Again, the exasperated phrase, "Really?!"

8:35am Wheels up. Wifeness and children are seated separately, so Papa sleeps to alleviate the worst of his motionsickness.

9:30am Zzzzzzz.... *snork* "Beverage, sir?" So much for sleep. Airsick bags located, but are not required.

11:10am Arrival in Boston. The long walk from Gate 2.39x10³ begins.

11:18am Pitstop at Starbuck's. $40 for coffee? Whatever. Just give me that mocha goodness.

12:10pm On the bus to Newburyport. It's nearly as warm in New England as it was on the Gulf Coast! Kids sit by themselves, so Wifeness and I get to sit together. Airsick bag (stolen from plane) is located, but not required.

1:20pm Arrival in Newburyport. Switch to minivan. Just a little farther to go.

1:45pm Arrival at MomnDad's. Will decompress here for the day and leave for Wayfarer House tomorrow. A wise choice. That airsick bag was starting to look awfully inviting.

2:30pm Zzzzzzz....


Mrs. Chili said...

...located, but not required." YAY!

Did Wifeness get her wallet back?

Wayfarer said...

Yes, thankfully! It was in the center console of the car. Mom's gonna FedEx it up to us.