Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Week in Quotes, to ease back into the habit

Things in my world are settling into a routine finally. Classes are rolling along as they should, Wayfarer House is fully engaged in the routines of the school year. The soccer season is kicking along without any major issues. I've been looking forward for some time to picking this back up, but there always seems to be something bumping it down on the list of things my day must see accomplished. I'm sorry it's taken so long.

Since it's Sunday, I thought I'd reinstate the wildly popular Sunday quotes post. This week's collection comes from all over, and represents only a few of the many worthy things I've heard from my students since the school year started. This year's group is going to be great for material! Enjoy.

“To work for one. *I* work for one.” Mark, in discussion how someone’s day could not get worse than being attacked by dementors.

“There’s no u, the two s’s are together, and there’s an o and an i. I was close!” Karly, verifying her spelling of the word “croissant”.

“Haha, I got your problem!! *whiplash noise*” Brian. Added to the list surreptitiously by my TA while sitting at my desk during class.

“Brian explained French grammar to me in English, using Spanish examples. It hurt.” Julia, in a note left on my laptop.

“Quiet up there! I need to get to sleep. I have phys ed tomorrow.” Pearl, age 5.

“They were just so hairy!” Sydney, after her first game against a high school boys soccer team.

“She almost gave it to me for lunch!” NiNi, of Mama’s inadvertent, yet fully prepared mayonnaise and honey sandwich.

‎"There's no dryer sheets. Now my clothes are gonna smell like dry!" Shayla.

“I know your sister kicked you three times trying to take the ball from you, but you can’t just kick her back. Soccer is about kicking the ball, my love, not about kicking the people.” Coach Papa, to Taylor at the end of a friendly, but contentious game of U10 town league footy.

“They’d better start fundraising now.” Wifeness, about students expressing an interest in Wayfarer House leading a student trip to Europe in 2012.

“Wow! I’m not a teenager anymore.” Karla, whose birthday is today. Happy birthday, love!

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Mrs. Chili said...

I really need to start doing this. I'm completely dumbfounded by some of the things my students say (though, thankfully, in a good way...).