Friday, July 30, 2010

A Straightforward Day

This wasn’t going to be a rest day, but I’m taking the girls up to a sleepover, and I won’t get back in time to do the training ride I need to do to tweak all the settings on my bike before the long test ride this weekend. That’s ok because I get to go out on a date with my wife! Nothing exciting; a little shopping, some dinner, a movie. We might even sleep in on Saturday, since there will be no small children about.

Instead of riding, I’ll be with the girls and doing some cleanup around the house (I’ve realized I can’t find the floor on my side of the bed). I’ll feed them elevenses and the drive them up to their sleepover party at Bessie’s, get my hair cut and get back just in time to meet Wifeness down by the small mall (not to be confused with the Darth Mall) after she gets out of work. That’s the day. It’s pretty straightforward, really.

Except that it’s my birthday. Yay me!


Mrs. Chili said...

Happy birthday! What are you going to do to celebrate?

Laurie B said...

Happy Birthday, sleeping in with Wifeness might be the greatest gift you give to both of you.

Take a few hours off, your b'day gift to yourself. You are "on" so much of the time. It's a great marker of another trip around the sun for you and what greater gift than to be open to spending time with your lover on this day. She makes all of your other days possible and enjoyable.

That is a lesson all of us might take care to remember.

Sweetie, take wifeness to breakfast/brunch and forgo the bike ride. You'll both remember the breakfast and you'd forget the bike ride over time. Just sayin'.

Wayfarer said...

Chili: I don't do much to actually celebrate my birthday, but the stars have aligned nicely this year. The kids are up at Bessie's for a sleepover, Karla is off doing stuff and Wifeness and I had planned a date night (dinner, movie). It worked out to be quite celebratory!

Laurie: Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! The evening was quite wonderful!

The bike ride is much like the cleaning of the house: It is preparation for a much bigger memory in the making, and necessary in that respect. Not that lingering over breakfast isn't a wonderful idea, though! We do love to do that.

As it happens, we slept in a bit, but we're sort of back on the clock by 9am. We've got NiNi's birthday party to put together, the house to clean... The world continues to turn, which is just as it should be. We choose this life, after all, because it brings us joy.