Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Weekend in Quotes

“I know.” (NiNi, after Papa said, “You’re pretty.”)

“¡Cada vez!” (A Latino disc golfer, after hitting a tree -- apparently not for the first time)

“I’m first in my division!” (An older man, running along the beach today as I was passing him -- not as quickly as I might have wanted).

“Can I have some of my Easter candy?” (Both children, repeatedly, during the day until they were told what would happen if they asked again).

“Can we go into the hot tub?” (Both children, repeatedly, during the weekend while at Nana’s, until they were told what would happen if they asked again).

“Can we watch Harry Potter?” (Both children, repeatedly -- you get the idea).

“Will you do the thing with the thing when we get the thing?” (Mackenzie, who said enough in one class Friday to fill this post, but of which I can only remember this one quote.)

“Oh, we’d better just end this conversation right now!” (Rick, after I said that Boondock Saints was just not that good a movie).

“Do boxers try to hurt each other?” (SiSi)

“If you promise to stop making the [chat window] popping up, I will do all my make up work. Well, most of it. Maybe.” (Maeve, while accusing me of being responsible for Facebook’s idiosyncracies).

“Next year, the Easter Bunny should make a map.” (The Easter Bunny, after yet another year when not all the eggs were found).

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Mrs. Chili said...

Heh. A dear friend of mine, who's getting on in years, commented the other day that old people can hide their own Easter eggs. Perhaps NOT so old people can, too...?