Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Week in Quotes

It seemed like most of the quotes this week had to do with language stuff. I guess it just rolls like that...

“It’s not an apple. It’s more like a plum. It’s an applum!” (Jill).

“Papa, I’m ready to get into the shower and I’ve already brushed my teeth and hair.” (SiSi, who realized immediately after this statement that half of her prior toilette was about to be rendered redundant).

“It’s, like, not like like, but more like love like, like, you know?” (Shaitia, on the meaning of “querer” in Spanish).

“Bien-ish” (Hannah, after I asked her how she was in Spanish).

“Wow! The ‘S’ makes all the difference!” John, after the realization that the magic of pluralization

“The Orange are really stroking the rock!” (March Madness television commentary)

“I think the tournament beard is coming off soon.” (Colin, at halftime during the Syracuse-Butler game Thursday.)

“Can I have classroom objects?” (Makenzie, after getting her question on verbs during a recent activity in class.)

“Do it in Welsh!” (One of the students in my MCAS group, trying to challenge my ability to read their test instructions using different accents.)

“They’re beautiful!” (Mush, about words that end in –eau in French)

"Il est présumé que cet œuvre soit choquant et puisse, d’ailleurs, tracasser la plupart des lecteurs dans une certaine mesure." (From Kestrel’s upcoming short story. It reads : It is assumed this work will be offensive to certain individuals, and may indeed trouble most of its readers to some degree).

“Papa, I just saw the MOST AWESOMEST MOVIE EVER!” (NiNi, exploding into the bedroom immediately upon her return from the matinee showing of How To Train Your Dragon--abruptly and prematurely terminating Papa’s nap in the process).

“You know stuff.” (Edmund, giving me one of his understated compliments--grazie, bello).

“I get out of control when I hang out with them, too!” (Ani, confirming that my children’s enthusiasm for her is returned--enthusiastically).

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