Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Week in Quotes

“Erase it all... No, not all of it!” (Mush.)

“I really like biking!” (NiNi, at start of her first around-the-block ride of the year.)

“I hate biking!” (NiNi, after crashing into the back of a parked car during her first around-the-block ride of the year.)

“You should start a Facebook group.” (Advice to my father about how to promote his latest cause.)

"Why is it OK for a black person to tell a joke about a white person, but it's not OK the other way around?" (somone calling in to a radio talk show.)

“At least they made a really cool sound.” (Spencer, upon realizing the following:)

“Oh, good God!” (Sisi, at the beginning of a modest kissing scene during a recent movie.)

“The fans really like to see them last the full 5 days.” (A commentator expressing popular sentiment about the ideal length of international test matches of cricket.)

“Nobody’s schedule has brakes. The best you can do is put it into neutral and wait for it to slow down on its own.” (wisdom from a colleague.)

“Is this enough?” (SiSi, inquiring about the pressure she was trying to pump into her bike tire by putting her entire body weight on the pump handle and bouncing up and down--it turned out not to be.)

“Stupid instructions.” (H, halfway through the installation of his children’s playset)

“It's a GAME! It's supposed to be FUN! It must be a testosterone thing.” (Jenn, on her boys’ conflict and posturing during Wii.)

“I’m giving you your packet, and you’re going to like it.” (Julia, determinedly refusing to rewrite her assignment on separate paper, so she could keep the packet to study from.)

“It smells right.” (A Home Depot employee, on the arrival of spring.)

May it smell right for you, wherever you are!

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