Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Week in Quotes

“I need help with my whatzit.” (Anna-Kaye, who didn’t understand the inference of her question.)

“This is a conspiracy!” (Rebeccah, after the third time spinning the Wheel of Fortune, and coming up with Lose a Turn.)

“No, you didn’t either!” (Jessica, in response to Brendan’s “I-1” during a game of Battleship.)

“Ana is a @$#%&!!” (A student echoing the clear consensus of her class that the story they’re reading in Spanish cannot be finished soon enough.)

“Seriously, a conspiracy!” (Rebeccah. After hitting the Lose a Turn for the fourth time in a row, I not-so-surreptitiously hit the wheel so it landed on 350. Everyone else in the class saw me do this but her. She asked for a letter, and guessed one that wasn’t in the puzzle.)

“It’s because I’m distracted by your love.” (Wifeness, explaining why she so often causes me physical pain when she flirts with me.)

“That’s such a Quaker Party School.” (The oxymoronic quote of the day for Friday.)

“My restrictor plate’s workin’ pretty hard here!” (Matt, on wanting to say something grownup, while little kids were in the room.)

“T-U-N-O-M-B-R-E.” (Calvin, responding straight-faced to my question “How do you spell your name?”)

“Lisa 1; malware 0.” (Facebook post that gets a happy face.)

“Louisville 78; Syracuse 68.” (ESPN post that gets a sad face.)

I'm so sorry these are so late!!! (Faith, who missed her deadline by a grand total of 5 hours.)

“This is MY decision.” (My school’s Executive Director, spinning his confirmed departure at the end of the year.)

“Jamais trop vieux?” (Edmund, translating from the newspaper headline recounting his recent win at the U.S. Nationals XC Ski Championships--at 78 years of age. The quote reads, “Never too old?”)

Happy Sunday!

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Mrs. Chili said...

Heh. I'm not sure I HAVE a restrictrr plate...