Tuesday, March 16, 2010

10 Things Tuesday—Signs of Spring

How do I know spring has sprung? In my world the following are sure signs that we’ve arrived.

1. Students are outside throughout the day at my school. Teachers often hold class outdoors on nice days, and many go out to sit and work during study time and homework support, if they can. It’s ironic that they simply aren’t as productive in my class when the sun is shining on them, but I still try to tailor activities for them that allow for some frolicking in the grass from time to time.

2. It is not pitch black when I come back from my early morning training. With DST in effect, we’ve lost some ground in this regard, but it will not be long before I won’t have to wear reflective clothing when I run or ride.

3. My children come in at the end of the day sweaty and dirty. It’s kind of gross how they get when they’ve spent time playing in the dirt, but I’m glad they enjoy being outside.

4. When people come in or go out of the house, they leave the door open. Related to this, when kids go in and out of the school, they often prop the doors open behind them so they can get back in. The fact that both habits waste energy is somehow less irritating when it’s 60°F outside.

5. Frisbees are flying everywhere at school. Seriously, you need to be paying attention if you’re anywhere out of doors!

6. Softball gloves, bats and balls come out at home. SiSi has misplaced hers, and so we’ve been playing with one borrowed from school. I’m sure it’ll surface when we do The Purge.

7. The insidious garlic mustard infestation in our back yard starts to perk up. We have this weed that, if left unchecked, will spread all over the place, including the small vegetable garden we have. Last year, it didn’t get too far out of control, but I’m hoping to actually decrease its footprint this year. We shall see.

8. Discussion with our neighbors changes from when the next snow event will occur to when to pull the plastic off the windows (we haven’t yet).

9. College basketball takes center stage, European soccer is in its final push and baseball is right around the corner. For anyone who cares, Syracuse will win, Portsmouth will be relegated and Dice-K will (or at least should) be traded for anyone who’s got an arm.

10. I think about just how long it will be before I can take my bike down from the trainer, drag out the grill, set up the hammock and trade the snowblower for the lawnmower. In order, the answers are 3 weeks, any day now, not till April and whenever the rest of the snow is gone.

What marks the change of season in your world?

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