Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Week in Quotes

“Find F of Theta from Alpha to Beta…Don’t be a hatah, Use your calculatah…” (Spontaneous rapping in AP Calculus).

“‘My past’?? My past is not pure.” (During a recent game of Apples to Apples®).

“I feel so...endarkened.” (Karla, on her discovery of Goth reference works in the stacks at local library).

“That was the plow going by, preemptively.”

“We are very roudy students.” (A student in my mannerly and soft-spoken independent Latin study group, explaining why they were forced to change classrooms to make room for, of all things, a performance poetry class).

“$20 per session?” (the amount offered to me by a student desperate to see a roleplaying campaign at school during lunch. I declined.)

“What’s the only letter other than a C that has an ‘S’ sound?” “‘E’??” (A student destined to retake her oral exam in Spanish).

“I actually do know this, I’m just forgetting…” (A student ironically trying to remember the verb “oublier” which, in English, means “to forget”).

“Respect my pronunciation!” (The retort when I raised my eyebrows at the response "wzxthpth" to a vocabulary question).

“Does it matter if I don’t pay attention to the directions?” (From someone 20 minutes into this week’s exam).

“Wanna hear about my dream?” (The rhetorical question preceding a full five-minute recount of SiSi’s epic fantasy, told while Mama and Papa were in the bathroom trying to get ready for the day).

“You must believe in yourself when no one else does, like right now, for instance.” (From the movie Balls of Fury, watched on Thursday because I was not in the mindset to do anything productive, but there was seriously nothing else on).

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