Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just got back from the coast...

...and boy are my arms tired!

Actually, I did, in fact just get back from the coast. I went to the Matriarch's to collect the children. They'd been enjoying several days with Nana and Grampa. Wifeness and I also enjoyed their several days away, but we're glad to everyone back home now--for as long as it lasts; Karla leaves for Montreal tomorrow with Wheeler, and won't be back until Monday.

I left NH with the girls (the youngest ones) after a busy morning shoveling out the car and loading it with loot from the Chili household (thanks, Chili House!) and we pushed to get back to Wayfarer House before noon so I could run in, grab pre-arranged kid swimming stuff and birthday presents (thanks, Wifeness!) and head to a pool party for one of the girls' friends. Can I say that such events wear me out? I'm not sure why, but I can tell you that, by the time we truly walked in the door at 3pm, I was wiped.

I've been sluggish since (despite the hour-long nap I took), so I'm going to bed. I've got the kids all day, and I'm going to need some sleep if I'm going to be able to keep up with them!

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