Saturday, February 27, 2010

It looks like a lot when it's in list form...

Not much of interest today.

Shovelled snow for 30 minutes. SiSi helped. She did the front walk and the sidewalk. I love that she likes to come out and do stuff with me! It’s nice bonding time.

Took the kids to music class. Sometimes there are negotiations for playdates afterward, but not today. They came home with me and cleaned their room 3 times.

The trip to VT was a bust. The Red House is without power, and the snow is up to the top of the windows. We rescheduled for late March when, hopefully, they’ll be able to use the door.

Started the laundry. Two loads are through at press time. There will be more. Many more.

Napped. You could have guessed that would come into play at some point.

Spent some time looking for contacts to help with my Domincan Republic service learning project. I want this to happen, and the fact that I’ve never done one before should not be an impediment. Neither will my fear of treading on such unfamiliar ground.

Solved two Killer Sudoku puzzles. The medium ones are about where I’m at. I can solve the hard ones, but they take a while. I like that I’ve figured out the tricks to them. It was annoying that they were so challenging at first!

Looked over the 3 videos I got from the library to help me with my core workouts. I have enough in my arsenal to do 45 minutes, but I’d like to have more variety.

Wifeness had to work today. She was tired. I bet her day had more going on.

Made leftovers (thanks, Janie and Chris, for the Chinese food!)

Cleaned the kitchen. I say thank you every day to the universe for the blessing of a dishwasher to our lives.

Still to go: 30 minutes on the bike while watching GI Joe on DVD.

That’s it.

What’d you do today?

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the passionate hairdresser said...

Shoveled out my car to go to work, worked all day...had 4 clients, including on 2 1/2 year old, came home, stuffed my face, made dinner, continued to make a mess in the kitchen!! :)