Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In the news...

My interest in the news and current events comes and goes according to my ability to manage the rest of my world, but also according to what’s actually being discussed. Right now, I’m getting there happens to be a lot out there that I’m finding intriguing. Here’s a sampling:

1. (From NPR) Why Does Time Fly By As You Get Older? You can read and listen to the story [HERE]. This story fascinated me because it’s something I’ve noticed just recently. The holiday season passed so quickly this year, and the summers seem to get shorter and shorter. Why is that? This story explores the topic.

2. (From Fresh Air) 'The Quants': It Pays To Know Your Wall Street Math. You can play it [HERE] (scroll down a bit). This story appeals to the math geek in me, but also opened up an entirely new discussion on the recent financial meltdown.

3. (From talk radio originally) Obama Reverses Abortion-Funds Policy. You can read generally about the story [HERE]. This story is a rare example of how news can actually cause me stress.

4. (From NPR) Abstinence Message Gets Through To Teens. The story is [HERE]. Together with #3, this story ignited a long-smoldering internal debate about the issue of reproductive rights and responsibilities. I’m not going to go into it here, but perhaps soon. I need to organize my thoughts about it first.

5. (From the web) Abby Sunderland Aims For Round-The-World Record. I picked the story up originally [HERE], and it intrigued me not just because it’s totally the kind of adventure *I* would go on, but because of the controversy it generated due to Abby’s age. I’m following her quest on her blog [HERE].

6. (From The World) Charlotte Gainsbourg. This story would be interesting to you if you’re a Francophile or listen to alternative music. I’m far more the former than the latter, but I enjoyed listening to how the daughter of a French musical legend struggles to deal with her father’s legacy. You can download the interview [HERE].

What from the news touched your heart and/or mind recently?


Kizz said...

I haven't read your link but my understanding about #4 is that the findings were that abstinence education MIGHT work if there were a lot of other factors included. Like info on birth control and some other, you know, facts.

Wayfarer said...

This particular story outlines a recent "carefully designed" study which found that when 6th and 7th graders took an abstinence class, they were less likely to have sex within two years. It suggested that when abstinence is included in a broader program of safe sex practices and better health, students would be more likely to accept abstinence as a valid way to avoid STDs and prevent pregnancy.