Monday, July 6, 2009

Yay for camp!

The girls start day camp today, and I am happy. I am happy not because I’m glad to see them go. Quite to the contrary; I enjoyed my week with them last week. I’m happy because, although my children are good at playing independently and keeping themselves entertained in good and healthy ways, I simply do not feel like I can get things done when I’m watching them. I think it’s partly due to the fact that I can’t multitask worth a damn--being mentally aware of my children counts as a task--but there is also the matter of their rather regimented schedule doesn’t quite coincide with my rather regimented schedule (particularly as it relates to the sacred naptime). Basically, without intending to, they cut into my productivity.

It’s good that they’re going to camp for other reasons, too. Among those is the fact that they’ll get a lot of interaction with other kids that they don’t get when they’re at home. They’ll certainly be kept busy there, where trying to keep them entertained at the house can be a challenge because they really have divergent interests and abilities. It’s a help to Karla to have them gone during the day. I can push them to keep quiet until as late as 10am, but after that they just have to be who they are and that’s too loud for Karla to sleep. Since it’s frought with problems to try to get Karla to rise earlier than 11am, it’s the path of least resistence to have them out of the house.

I have a to-do list on the dry erase board, and items are getting checked off as they are accomplished. Today was a swim/run training day. I got the my .8 mi. swim in at 6am (and kicked ass, too!) The run (which, if I’m lucky, will be a full 10k that doesn't piss off my recently hyperextended knee) will hit in the afternoon--after the nap. The rest of the day is reserved for phone calls and emails, and for some necessary bits of domestica. I need to wash softball and tri clothes, and I have a couple of errands to run in the early afternoon.

Things are moving along quite nicely. I am happy.

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Laurie B said...

Hey Wayfarer, always glad to read about your life. I hope the running and swimming continue to go well.

Will the new school be surfacing in the next year or so? Just asking. The Amherst based Chinese Immersion School took off like a rocketship. Is that normal or do they just have a very aggresive founder? (I have issues with the guy on many levels but he did get this thing begun and done.)