Saturday, July 18, 2009

Glad I didn't reread the book before I saw the movie

Many of the Wayfarer Community adults (and some of the kids, too) descended upon the local movie house for the early evening showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The movie was decent (better, perhaps, for my not being up on the details of the book), but the thing that made the movie really special was that it was a community event.

We all live really busy lives. We juggle jobs, children, school, projects of all kinds--not to mention the obligations of our extended given families, and we are often exhausted at the end of the day just from the efforts of trying to keep our worlds turning as we believe they should. That my world is full of individuals who, despite these obligations, nonetheless give up even more of themselves to make this chosen family work makes me feel truly blessed. It was an honor to spend the afternoon and evening with them all (and thank you, Molly, for your part in making that happen; welcome to our crazy world)!

We're all coming together tomorrow to celebrate the birthday's of the several of us who are turning 40 this year. I'll try to post pics tomorrow. Till then, reach out to some of your chosen family and tell them you appreciate them. It's a truly wonderful thing to be connected to people.


The Grammar Snob said...

I went to the midnight premiere with my nieces. I had recently re-read the book and was therefore disappointed in a few missing scenes and some under-developed ones. That said, I still very much enjoyed it and am planning to see it again while it's still in the theater.

I've been distant, summer is a crazy time for us. 11 graduations, 10+ birthdays and a wedding! Hope you are well.

Fran said...

Happy Birthday, my friend!