Monday, June 29, 2009

Wayfarer House Monday News Bulletin

First, some news from around the world…

The U.S. gave a good showing against Brazil in the Confederations Cup final, but lost 3-2. I watched the game on Univision (we don’t have ESPN), which makes the game all that much better because of the colorful commentary. GOOOAAAAALLLL!

I also learned, right in the middle of the game, about Zelaya’s ouster in Honduras. I’ll be following the events there with some interest, with the hope that it does not explode into a humanitarian disaster.

Iran has begun recounting ballots from its recent election. Good job sticking with the rule of law, guys! We’re proud of you over here!

And in local news…

Caleb and Maeve had their first offer on a house rejected. This is, no doubt, a relief to Caleb, who is concerned about money what with two girls going into pre-school next year. Our collective heart goes with them as they embark on the journey of house ownership. We’re not anxious to see them go, even though we know it’s a good thing for them. We just hope that the process of finding a home of their own treats them well.

Karla’s health improves steadily, and she is on her way to the local community college in the fall to study alternative healing. She wants to help people in a way that is her own, and hands-on healing feels right to her. She’s had some good and powerful experiences with different kinds of hands-on healing over the last couple of years, and has seen how positive the results can be. I think it is admirable that she wants to share that experience with others.

The Wayfarer House younglings are home at “Camp Papa” this week. Today’s exciting agenda includes a trip to the vets and the library, helping Papa mow the lawn, playing in the pool (after it’s been refilled) and taking a nap (or at least watching Papa take one, which is good enough for me). They will be grateful, I’m sure, to start their outdoor camp experience one week from today.

Wifeness is looking for a teaching job. She had an interview at a local high school, but isn’t holding out much hope. She’s a victim of the classic catch-22. Schools (especially in the current climate) want teachers with experience. She doesn’t have any (of the traditional variety, anyway) and can’t get any if no one will give her a job. Man, we need to get this school thing up off the ground!

There is, of course, much more going on in my world, but the kids need me to get started with my day. I hope yours goes well!

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